Trisha Funk

  • Northern California
  • Financial Coach, Speaker, and Author

Welcome! I'm Trisha Funk

My goal is to change your life with more tools and resources than you ever thought possible to transform your relationship with your money for good.

I aim to break every stronghold you have surrounding money and wealth, empower you to be the BOSS of your hard earned money, and live the life you've been dreaming about. And I come with a vision to change the world.

Empowering Our Youth! Stabilizing Entrepreneurs! Opening Lines of Communications in Marriages! So the tool that money is can reach further and wider than ever before. A reach that has the potential to benefit us all!

A tried and true Far Nor Cal girl at heart, who lives for a great hike or bike ride, or an amazing sunset on the porch with a glass of wine and my other half. I LOVE to laugh and think our house is utter hilariousness. I have ridiculously cool kids.

I want to help you dream big, create solid action plans, and put you on the EXACT path to succeed with your money and your life.

I've been referred to as the financial psychologist because there is no cookie cutter approach to my financial advice.

It's all about you. Your Dreams. Your Goals. Your Fears. Your Hangups. Your Holdbacks. Your Successes.

I'm a game changer.

Not your average financial guru.

As a retired investment advisor and insurance agent I've got the same education as the rest, I just bring a different message that doesn't simply spout canned financial advice.

So I have one last question for you.

What is your millionaire self going to do to change the world?